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We are excited that you want to join our Mixedcandy family. We are open for 4 full suit slots total.  If you are interested in making an offer by sending in your own concept art it must be $10k + USD to be considered. If you would like full artistic liberty we do that as well. 

The fursuit comes with:

-Head ( 2D plastic eyes or 3D following eyes ) If you would like an example message us via telegram @mixedcandy
-Hand paws (3 fingers and a thumb) & Feet Paws (hard and soft sole)
-Tail & Bodysuit (All bodysuits will be plantigrade without padding of any kind, this includes abs and pecs)
-All of our heads have a static jaw. We do not work with LED's or make Wings.


**These are for full suits only**

All these designs are to be worked on second half/Late 2023. To save you a spot we will need 30% of the full amount. If you have any questions be sure to contact us directly via telegram @mixedcandy or email at

*extra parts are available to purchase at cost*

Please allow up to a week to get a response. We will remain open until all 4 slots have been filled. These are not first come first serve, we go over the submissions and pick what would work best in our style.

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